Mission| Our Campaign

Schools For Nepal has been launched with the philosophy to stabilise the educational equilibrium within the country, particularly within the remote areas. By focusing on a particular area, i.e. education, we feel that all our energies and resources would be aligned for the particular cause and the support from our local partners will help in materialising the vision into reality.

Schools For Nepal aims to build many schools over the next few years with each school building costing approximately $100,000 USD (£80,000 GBP).

The main aim of the Charity is to:

  • Visit the affected areas and identify sites where schools have been destroyed;
  • Work with local communities and build schools where the requirement has been identified;
  • Handover the schools to the local communities/ Government to run once they have been built.

Our initiative collaborates with local partners and through a strategic approach towards operations and funding.

Operations & Management

The CG Foundation with its local dominance in Nepal provides their hands on support in building the new schools and also arranges for the handover/ management of these newly built schools.


Schools For Nepal obtains funding through local and global efforts that contribute towards the success of the initiative. Phoenix Capital Partners plays an active role along with its clients to bring together these funds which are further used by the CG Foundation to allow them using their expertise to build the schools.

We primarily focus on fundraising through four main sources:

  • Individuals – We organize social media campaigns and direct people towards our website where they are able to donate ensuring that 100% of any donations go towards building schools.
  • Companies/ Businesses – We target the companies and businesses we work with along with others we approach to get them involved through their CSR initiatives;
  • NGOs/ Charities – We work with other NGOs and charities who are looking to help in Nepal but don’t necessarily have the access there. We also ensure that 100% of any funding we obtain from NGOs and charities, goes directly towards building schools too.
  • Government/ Government Agencies – We work with various Government agencies, e.g. DFID etc. to see how we can access these funds for our efforts in Nepal.