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On the 25th April 2015, Nepal suffered a disastrous Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale and before things could settle, another earthquake of 7.4 magnitude jolted the country again on the 12th May 2015 with hundreds of subsequent aftershocks.

The whole country suffered an inconceivable loss of lives and destruction to property and infrastructure. Thousands of schools and colleges were destroyed and levelled to the ground. With a total loss of over $6 billion USD, equivalent to about 30% of its GDP, Nepal has stood strong to get out of the perils of the disaster and the world has collectively contributed towards restoring stability.

In order to make a small change to the lives of the young children who lost their centres of learning during this disaster, Dolma Gurung together with her partner, Anish Aggarwal of Phoenix Capital Partners and together with Niveda Foundation and the CG Foundation in Nepal, have launched this initiative through a charity registered in the UK, Schools For Nepal.

The aim of this Charity is to put all its efforts, energy and resources into building new schools and rebuilding existing schools in Nepal, including the remote areas of the country which were destroyed because of the earthquake and to provide access to education to the children who have been unfortunate to have suffered the trauma of the events of 2015 and lost their schools and in some cases, their loved ones too.

The Charity will also be upgrading various facilities of the schools where necessary, e.g. the establishment or upgrading of libraries, providing hardware and software for digital classrooms, support volunteer teachers, educational excursions for students and to support extra curricula activities etc.