Dolma Gurung
Founder & Trustee

Dolma was born in Kathmandhu, Nepal and is half Nepalese and half Tibetan. She was educated in Nepal and India and speaks fluent English, Nepalese, Tibetan and Hindi. She moved from Nepal to the U.S. where she lived in New York and Hawaii for 2 years before moving to London where she has lived for the past 13 years. While in London Dolma has been working with children for many years and more recently, she has also completed her course in ‘Working with Children’ and then a Diploma in ‘Health & Social Care’ to work more closely with vulnerable children and adults.

Dolma has been actively involved in volunteering work during her time in the U.K. participating with organisations such as ‘Bluebird Care’ working with adults suffering from dementia and ‘Under One Sky’ helping distribute food and clothes to the homeless in London and more recently, to refugees in Calais.

Following the earthquake in Nepal, Dolma was deeply touched and felt she had to do something to help. Following her visit in August 2015 to the affected areas in Nepal, she came back to London and setup Schools For Nepal.


Anish Aggarwal
Co-Founder & Trustee

Anish has helped Dolma co-found Schools For Nepal and has been actively involved in the early stages of its formation. He travelled to Nepal in August with Dolma and helped bring in our local/ Nepalese Partners, the Chaudhary Group.

Anish has been involved in various charitable activities through his family in India and helped organize ‘eye camps’ in India where we’ve advertised locally and arranged for opticians etc. to help people who can’t ordinarily afford treatment.

Phoenix Capital Partners are extremely interested in and aim to explore and understand the issues that are special in very fast growing emerging markets as we believe these economies are the engine of growth opportunities in the future world economy. However, these markets are prone to crises, Latin America and Asia in the last decade alone, which reinforces the importance of understanding risk in these markets, which we aim to do through our affiliates globally. We also aim through our work to improve the lives of the people we work with and employ.


The CG Foundation

Local/ Nepalese Partners

The Chaudhary Foundation was established in 1995 by Binod Chaudhary of the Chaudhary Group for philanthropic activities. From the beginning their business and social commitments have always been mutually reinforcing and have always featured as an integral part of their business. Along with the evolution of their company, its responsibility and expectations towards society have also evolved. In addition to their philanthropic activities, the Chaudhary Foundation also works on developing socially responsible businesses for the sustainable development of their society. They feel a strong sense of responsibility towards society and strive to build a better and healthier society. To improve their lives and to strengthen their communities, they are committed to undertake their Foundations activities in various sectors.

The Chaudhary Group believes in the relationships it builds with its employees, customers, partners and the community at large. As a result, the group has been actively invested in the community for over two decades. The Chaudhary Foundation follows their Group’s belief in the power of the relationships and was setup to enhance their contributions to society by reorganizing their social initiatives towards a sustainable and focused model. This belief allows their Foundation to prioritize initiatives in the Social (Education, Health and Sport), Economic and Environmental sectors within its sphere of influence in a sustainable manner.

Through various partners, they are tackling some of the most critical issues in each of these areas. Their approach is to focus on a few critical issues through which they can adopt the best methodology and have the greatest impact. For each of the issues they work on, the Foundation funds innovative ideas that can help remove barriers and assist in promoting quality education, access to healthcare and foster the development of an empowered youth in Nepal.

The Chaudhary Foundation continues to add to the portfolio of initiatives taken up by the Chaudhary Group over the past few decades. It is building upon past successes by applying the same business-oriented approach in tackling these pressing challenges. Focused and optimistic, the Foundation is working with their partners to identify and implement innovative solutions that can help every person have the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life.

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